More Than Just Cute Cat Videos

It’s Friday, and we all have that urge – to wake up late, to go home early, to work a bit slower. To spend our time surfing YouTube for cute cat videos.

Well, here’s your chance. Not for the cat videos, but to realize that YouTube is a digital treasure trove of volunteer-related videos. These videos are not only fun and inspiring to watch, but they can teach us all valuable lessons about volunteer engagement. Here are some of my favorites that I’ve found:

Greater Twin Cities United Way is what we call a VolunteerMatch “Power User.” Their volunteer program, Caring Connections, is expertly run and we love seeing the evidence of the impact they’re having in the Twin Cities community. This video is a great example of low budget ways to make creative PSAs that will raise awareness of your volunteer program.

Who doesn’t love Elmo? Or Usher, for that matter? If your organization has ties to a celebrity, whether local or international, ask them to help you spread the word and bring in volunteers. Generally, celebrities are eager to use their clout for good. Just ask Do Something.

Sometimes the best videos are those that let the volunteers speak for you – especially romantic, happy honeymooners. Grab your cell phone and shoot a two minute video of your volunteers explaining why they do it, post it on YouTube, and take a break.

We couldn’t let a video roundup go by without showing off some of our own videos. Here’s one made by one of our high school volunteers last year. She even wrote her own lyrics. Remember: making videos is fun and creative, so get your volunteers to do it for you.

Interested in putting YouTube to work for your organization’s volunteer program? Check out the YouTube Nonprofit Program and all its perks.

Okay, okay, fine. Here is a cute cat video from the Petfinder Foundation: