Instagram Your Way to Engaged Volunteers

Use photo-sharing platforms to engage volunteersIn an age where most things are found on the internet, photo-sharing platforms like Instagram are a great way for nonprofits to engage volunteers.

I mean, who doesn’t like looking at pictures?

In our webinar, “VolunteerMatch: Getting Started” we discuss the importance of incorporating visuals into volunteer opportunities. Including pictures is a great way for your organization to showcase volunteers contributing to your cause. It is also an effective way to communicate expected job duties. In fact, we feel so strongly about this we recently made the Photo Manager tool free to all of our users.

Instagram is a great application for any organization looking to boost their social media presence. It integrates seamlessly with Facebook and Twitter, and it’s a pretty simple application to operate. Less technologically savvy administrators can easily outsource Instagram duties to volunteers!

As a media tool, Instagram is a valuable resource. Rather than dealing with photographer fees or confusing upload protocol, users transfer content directly to the web – free of charge. This is an easy way to generate content for your website or social media page. You can also use Instagram visuals to supplement existing marketing materials such as brochures, postcards or signage.

Trendy Instagram photo of VolunteerMatch staff volunteering in San Francisco
Trendy Instagram photo of VolunteerMatch staff volunteering in San Francisco

As a recruitment tool, Instagram is a great way to engage with volunteers in a new medium. Your organization will get in front of previously unknown audiences and increase the likelihood of a new, more diverse volunteer base.

In place of word-heavy paragraphs and walls of text, using Instagram will enable you to convey your cause in a more impactful way. Pictures showing volunteers in the field resonate in ways that text cannot. Aside from highlighting specific job duties, prospective volunteers can see exactly how they will contribute to the cause of your organization.

In this case a picture really IS worth a thousand words!

Do you use Instagram or other photo-sharing platforms to engage volunteers? Tell us about it!