Help Us Celebrate 6,000,000 Volunteer Referrals

Help us celebrate 6,000,000 volunteer referrals!Soon, it will happen. We can feel it. One of these days, the 6,000,000th volunteer referral will take place on And when it happens, it will be a milestone for all of us to celebrate.

We’ll celebrate 6,000,000 individuals finding a way to make a difference and strengthen their community.

We’ll celebrate 6,000,000 connections made between potential volunteers and the nonprofits that need their help.

We’ll celebrate 6,000,000 clicks of a mouse that prove the world is becoming a better place thanks to your hard work.

To celebrate this exciting achievement, the VolunteerMatch staff is going to dedicate our next group volunteer day to you – our nonprofits and volunteers who have made all the difference in our world. We only have 2 questions:


We’re holding a fun little contest to see who can guess the day and time the 6,000,000th referral takes place. The person who guesses closest gets to decide how we celebrate.


If you guess the closest date and time for the 6,000,000th referral, you can choose where the VolunteerMatch team goes for our volunteer day.

Some guidelines:

  • One guess per person.
  • Volunteer opportunity must be in San Francisco, Calif.
  • Volunteer opportunity cannot be dangerous or lewd or otherwise inappropriate.
  • Volunteer opportunity cannot get members of our staff arrested.

We encourage you to be creative, and to think of the issues, causes and organizations that you care about – this is your opportunity to get us on board working for change with you!

To submit your guess and your idea, simply leave it in the comments below. Once we hit that 6,000,000 mark we’ll let you know who the winner is and what we’ll all be doing to celebrate and volunteer together.

Happy guessing!