5 Ways to Get Volunteers for Your Next Fundraiser

Guest post by Gregg Michaelsen of Simple Fundraising Ideas

Get volunteers for your next fundraiserSetting up a fundraiser is hard work. Sure, you probably have a lot of fundraising ideas right now. However, the problem lies in the manpower. And if you’re running a nonprofit organization, you probably don’t have a lot of budget for ‘manpower.’

If you want your fundraiser to be successful, you need to have a lot of people working hand in hand to pull it off. The question is – how can you get more people? This is where volunteers can help you. So the question becomes – how can you get volunteers that are willing to help you out for your next fundraiser?

Here are some tips to get volunteers:

1. Run an information drive.

Most people are more than willing to help out especially if it’s for a good cause. They just have to know the opportunity is there. Of course, many of them will be busy, so you should run the information drive as early as possible. This way, you can let people know about the event and get them to commit before other plans pop up.

2. Use social media.

Social media is one of the best places to get volunteers. Check out the Facebook pages of groups and businesses supporting your cause and ask for their help. You can also check out LinkedIn groups. Let’s say that you’re trying to raise funds for a cleanup drive. Go to a page or group that supports the environment. Engage there, and look for people in your area.

You can also take advantage of the “Events” feature on Facebook. Set up an event for your fundraiser and let people know that you’re looking for volunteers. The best thing about this is it can go viral. It could reach hundreds or even thousands of people in a short while.

3. Approach schools.

A lot of schools nowadays want to instill volunteerism in their students. Approach schools and ask them for volunteers. If your fundraiser is for a good cause, it will be pretty hard for them to say no.

4. Approach businesses.

Many businesses take pride in fulfilling their social responsibilities. At the very least, they can help you spread the word. A lot of them will be willing to put up posters or hand out flyers for you.

5. Provide incentives.

One may say that giving out incentives defeats the whole purpose of volunteerism. However, no one’s stopping you from at least offering delicious snacks for the volunteers. Let’s say that you’re holding a pizza fundraiser. Have free pizza for the volunteers. After all, they are helping you out.

With these 5 tips, you can easily find volunteers that will be more than willing to help you out with your fundraiser.

Gregg Michaelsen is a believer that with the right fundraising ideas and volunteers, anyone can raise funds for a good cause. Gregg is the owner of http://simple-fundraising-ideas.com which is your home to find inspiration for raising money that works for you!