Secrets Revealed: The Best New Resource for Volunteer Recruitment

101 Volunteer Recruitment SecretsDo you sometimes have trouble finding the volunteers you need for your organization? Don’t you wish there was a way you could pick the brains of dozens of other volunteer managers who have triumphed over similar issues?

Volunteers are not ‘free,’ we pay them with conversation and listening. ~ Diane Cameron

Announcing the newest nonprofit resource from VolunteerMatch: “101 Volunteer Recruitment Secrets.” This document is a collection of tips related to volunteer recruitment that we gathered in late 2011 from our extensive community of nonprofit professionals.

You may remember last year when we ran a special campaign asking you to reveal your volunteer recruitment secrets, in honor of the book “Nonprofit Management 101.”

One hundred and one secrets later, we have this guide – a wealth of volunteer recruitment knowledge gathered from nonprofit volunteer managers and local experts all over the world.

If each of your existing volunteers recruited just one new volunteer, what effect would it have on your roster? You do the math! ~ Tiger Schmittendorf, Erie, NY Fire Dept

Use the guide:

  • To see what others in your space are doing.
  • To prepare new volunteer ideas and projects.
  • To help you connect with and recruit the right volunteers for your nonprofit.
  • As a rainy day reference guide.
  • As a juicy novel – read it cover to cover!

Click here to download the free PDF of “101 Volunteer Recruitment Secrets.”