Just Launched: The Listing Wizard Makes It Easier to Engage Skilled Volunteers

Recruit skilled volunteers with the Listing WizardAlthough it may seem like it, the Listing Wizard is not actually magic. It’s the result of months of work at VolunteerMatch to respond to a growing trend we see among our nonprofits and volunteers: skilled volunteering.

With the launch of the Listing Wizard this past Monday, it’s even easier for nonprofits like you to identify the specific skills you need and recruit the volunteers that possess them.

Applying for some funding? Find a grantwriter. Redoing your logo? Be sure to mark down “graphic design” as a skill. Have a drippy faucet? There’s a plumber who wants to help.

Recruit skilled volunteers with the new Listing Wizard

The new skills system is based on a taxonomy developed by Taproot Foundation with support from Microsoft Corporation.

In addition to the Listing Wizard, we’ve developed a listing preview feature and an all new look for the website as a whole. We’ve also made Photo Manager available for every nonprofit that uses VolunteerMatch (stay tuned for more on this).

So what should you do now?

We’re offering special training webinars to go over the Listing Wizard and the new features – check out remaining times below:

  • Wednesday, 10/5 — 8:00 AM – 9:00 AM PDT — Register Now
  • Thursday, 10/6 — 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM PT — Register Now
  • Friday, 10/7 — 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM PDT — Register Now

If you can’t attend any of the webinars, you can get some basic instructions for using the Listing Wizard in this help video.

Finally, take advantage of the powerful Listing Wizard and go update your volunteer listings on VolunteerMatch, and post some new ones.

We’d love to hear your thoughts about the Listing Wizard. Share them with us on our community-powered support site.

Happy recruiting!

13 thoughts on “Just Launched: The Listing Wizard Makes It Easier to Engage Skilled Volunteers

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  2. My husband Mike is 56 Years young and I am 55. My husband is a jack of all trades. He was a miner and is retired. He does home renovations (everything). Plumbing electrical, drywall, flooring, painting. You name it. He built our house himself, not 1 Contractor. I also do these things with him. We both love children, we have 4 Children an, 11 grandchildren. My husband will do anything with his hands. We would love to volunteer somewhere. We are more than happy to give of ourselves, but haven’t a lot of money. We are available almost always. Sue and Mike Albert

  3. My daughter and I both have our Class B with PS Endorsement licenses.
    I also have a Class 03 Coal Truck Driver certificate of Training.can Drive anything but 18 Wheeler.We are both Christains.
    We would be willing to take a Saturday and deliver supplies to a diaster location if needed. We also have our CPR Cards .

  4. To all volunteers,
    You are most welcome here in China. There is a lot to do.
    I invite you to get in touch with us for volunteering in Beijing or Tibet.
    We need volunteers working with orphan Orphanage School, Disabled Children and School for Poor Children. Activities includes, teaching the kids English & taking care of them.

  5. Hello ,
    I’m from Saudi Arabia and really looking for opportunity for volunteering .But I don’t know as an international individual what is the procedures to join . Furthermore , I’m planning to join in any place or any normal job in case If I get admittance . Notice that I’m studying now in medical school 1st year . I would love to come in the vacation ( Start in June )

    Mohammed ..
    Thank you

  6. I will like to volunteer as a mentor, comfort the sick or with the Red Cross. I am an LPN nurse. How do I start, and where do I go.


    • Ethel, we have residents in our Rehab Center would would love a visit. Often a resident will need accompanied to a doctor’s appointment and a family member isn’t available. I would do my best to engage your heart and talents to bring satisfaction and fulfillment to you. Blessings to you!

  7. I am a retired special educator and education dean looking for a meaningful area to volunteer. I have argued that no child in the USA should be without quality; food, healthcare, and education. I believe I have found it, NO KIDS HUNGARY!
    Let me know my options to be involved.

  8. I am a signlanguage interpreter, and I am also legally Blind and I was loking for so long
    for an opportunity to provide services for the Deaf and DeafBlind population for a time.
    That population is very underserved, and I would like to teach children or adults sinlanguage if I could, anything is possible.