Volunteers are the Water of Social Change

Most people probably don’t think about it very often.  It’s just something that’s always been there, and they assume it always will be.  However, water is actually one of the major challenges facing the modern world.

Blog Action Day 2010 Water

It’s also the topic for this year’s Blog Action Day – an annual online event that unites thousands of bloggers from around the world to spark discussion about an issue. If your project or organization focuses on water issues, VolunteerMatch is here to help you achieve your mission. Tens of thousands of nonprofits are already recruiting volunteers via the VolunteerMatch website.

The lack of access to clean water causes about 80% of diseases in the world.  It’s responsible for more deaths each year than any form of violence – including war.  According to a recent report by the UN, close to 1 billion people in the world don’t have access to safe drinking water.  That’s about 1 in 6 people.

Water is not just a problem in terms of poverty and human rights, however.  It’s also an environmental issue, an animal welfare issue, and a key focus of sustainability efforts.  In fact, water is an issue that brings together many organizations from all corners of the nonprofit sector.  And each of these nonprofits, large or small, relies on volunteers to achieve its mission.  For example:

Just as water is the sustaining life force here on Earth, volunteers are the sustaining element for social change.  If your organization focuses on issues related to water in any way, you can join the nonprofits above to take advantage of the power of volunteers.

Register on VolunteerMatch or update your existing listings, and you’ll discover just how much can be accomplished with a strong group of volunteers.

Together, we can make sure everyone is thinking about water.

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