A Collaboration for Inspiration and Education

IssueLabeIf I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.”
~Isaac Newton

Nothing is more valuable in the world of nonprofits than knowledge.  It is the basis on which organizations are created, programs are run, and missions are fulfilled.  But what makes our sector really strong is the dissemination of that knowledge so that we all can benefit from the experience and wisdom of each other.

This week we embraced this idea by launching the Volunteering Resource Library in partnership with IdeaEncore and IssueLab.  Since it’s never a good idea to reinvent the wheel, we decided to create this collection of research and other resources about the field of volunteering, and make it available to our network and the general nonprofit public via IdeaEncore’s and IssueLab’s excellent websites.

Why did we create the Volunteering Resource Library?  Aggregating and sharing nonprofit knowledge is an important way to “walk the talk” of collaboration.  When we work together, we’re all stronger, and our capacity to make a difference in our fields is dramatically enhanced.

The Volunteering Resource Library is a great way for volunteer managers, executive directors, and nonprofit practitioners to utilize the most current research and knowledge about volunteering to build and improve your programs.  Additionally, with all of the white papers, case studies, evaluations, operational tools, templates and best practices in the Library, it’s an important tool for professionals at nonprofits to develop essential skills.

There’s more:  we know there are many talented volunteer coordinators in our community, and we encourage you to share YOUR knowledge via this Resource Library.  It’s easy:

Click here to learn more about sharing your knowledge and licensing options.

Take 10 minutes right now to search the Volunteer Resource Library for nonprofit volunteering knowledge, and upload your material to share with others.  Because in the nonprofit sector, we’re all the giants, and we’re all the ones standing on their shoulders. So climb on up!