6 Ways to Make Our Syndication Tool Work for Your Organization

Our Syndication Tool is one of the most important and effective features of the Community Leader package because it makes it dead simple for you to post opportunities on multiple Web sites – including your own. Just copy and paste the provided HTML code into your Web site, and every time you update or add listings on VolunteerMatch.org, the widget will reflect the changes – instantly.

Putting the Syndication Tool in place on your site means it will always be updated provided you’re updating your listings at VolunteerMatch.org. And keeping everything synched really does pay off: Our Community Leader member organizations get an average of three times more volunteer referrals than those who don’t!

The Syndication Tool is also a huge time saver — cutting out duplicate data entry by feeding your Web site automatically. No more back and forth with your Web master to get your listings right.

Making the Most Out of Syndication

Simply embedding the code on your Web page is just the start. We’ve put together a list of easy ways to maximize the capabilities of the Syndication Tool on your site, as well as examples of other nonprofits using it to its full potential:

1. Taylor the widget to fit your page

F.A.C.E.S. has integrated its Syndication Tool beautifully; matching their colors and making sure plenty of details about each opportunity are visible. They provide interesting and informative descriptions, and make a point to illustrate how important volunteers are to the work they do.

This is a beautiful example of using the Syndication Tool to make this nonprofit stand out as a great place to volunteer!

2. Challenge potential volunteers get creative.

Give them a chance to create new opportunities tailored specifically to them. Let them tell you about the special skills and expertise they will bring to the table! Catholic Charities of Brooklyn and Queens has positioned the Syndication Tool  widget alongside a message encouraging recruits to look beyond the opportunities currently offered. They are opening the door for lasting partnerships with volunteers – allowing them to find a home within their work.

3. Map it!

Primetime for Schools has a map spotlighting where current volunteer opportunities are being offered. While the Syndication Tool doesn’t automatically create a map, we do provide location coordinates that any Web master could use to plot an a map this way. This would be especially effective for nonprofits covering large areas to engage volunteers

4. Mix it up.

Biodiversity Conservation Alliance syndicates its VolunteerMatch contact onto page headlined “You Can Make a Difference.”  The pages includes a variety of ways supporters can help: volunteering, donating, joining as a member, even contributing photographs or art as “assets” for the organization.

5. Give them a contact.

Letting recruits know who they’ll be working with gives them a clearer picture of how they will fit in at your organization. Hint: A recruit who takes the extra step to follow up and contact that person is definitely someone you want on your team! Shield Youth, a mentoring program, does a great job of including this in many of its volunteer listings.

6. What’s in a name? A lot!

The names of your listings should make recruits interested in learning more. The Bluff Lake Nature Center asks for volunteer “Site Stewards,” and “Ambassadors.” These creative job titles imply a sense of responsibility and ownership of the work.

Your organization’s Web site is what you present to the world… and a platform with great potential for attracting volunteers. Your site is your space, and there is no limit to what you can do with it! But there are limits on your time and resources, so the easier it is to engage volunteers on your site, the better. By implementing Community Leader and using the Syndication Tool to its full potential, recruiting, managing, and engaging volunteers becomes easier than ever before!

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