Ways to Show Appreciation During National Volunteer Week

National Volunteer Week, April 18-24, is a chance to show your volunteers that you appreciate them. It’s also a great way to let the community know about the work that you’re doing, and that you value the volunteers who help you.

Whether you say it loud or say it simply, be sure to say something. And you don’t have to break the bank to show your appreciation — even a handmade thank-you card can go a long way.

  • Have a party and give awards or prizes to volunteers.
  • Plan a group activity or outing, such as a picnic in the park, or a movie night.
  • Invite volunteers to share stories about volunteering with your organization, and feature those stories in your newsletter or on your Web site.
  • Have staff members talk about a great experience they’ve had with volunteers, and share this experience with everyone.
  • You probably have some of your own ideas percolating now too: great!

Here at VolunteerMatch, we’re celebrating National Volunteer Week by honoring the people who make volunteering possible — nonprofits! We’re committed to providing you with the resources you need to be successful, and to inspiring people to give back to their communities by connecting them to the causes they care about.

Thank you for all that you do to strengthen your community, and support the causes you care about. The work that you do is truly extraordinary! How are you celebrating? Share your story here on the blog.

9 thoughts on “Ways to Show Appreciation During National Volunteer Week

  1. We celebrated our volunteers on the evening of April 7.
    Instead of a guest speaker, we had 6 Volunteer Panel Speakers from our campus; a combination of residents, community volunteers and an intern. I asked them to relate their experinces to our theme (Touching Lives, Lifting Spirits) and it was fabulous. Nothing speaks louder than testimonials and it was great to have different ages come together to share their experiences. It was also an excellent way for everyone to get to know the variety of volunteer opportunities that our campus offers. (Our volunteer program is still being developed, and embrassed by residents and staff).

    • Dear Angie,
      I LOVE this creative use of Testimonials. This is such a fabulous and powerful idea! Way to generate support of your work!
      Thanks for sharing this inspiring idea!
      Would love to hear more of your great ideas anytime! I am sure they will inspire other Volunteer Managers who want new ways to think outside the box!
      Feel free to share your ideas on twitter too with our hashtag #vmlearn!


  2. you got the dates wrong! National volunteer week is next week – April 10-16.

    • Hi Kimberly – thanks for paying attention! Actually, you’ll notice that this article is from last year – 2010. We’ve directed people to it for the excellent resources and suggestions it provides. But indeed, National Volunteer Week 2011 is April 10-16.

  3. Our program is having a breakfast for the volunteers, honoring them, We’re giving them the royal treatment and doing some give aways. Trusting that they will know we value them and appreciate all they do.

  4. Laura – What a great reminder about all the resources that are out there for volunteer appreciation. Seems like the only thing getting in the way of telling volunteers thank you is a lack of imagination 🙂

  5. Love the suggestion to share stories – we’re doing that on our blog http://ow.ly/1BZl0 to highlight association volunteers and we’re collecting stories on our Facebook (used be fan) page Association Volunteers! http://ow.ly/1BZlK Would love to have everyone who’s volunteering for or managing volunteers for associations log on and tell their story.

  6. Thanks for this post, Robert – great ideas. We’ve celebrated in a number of ways: listening to the great conversations coming out of the LEAD: Get Hands On Summit http://bxt.me/aLxiF2 , rejoicing at the first anniversary of the Serve America Act, and being oh so grateful for the amazing work that national and community service members and volunteers do everyday. We love hearing the stories from the field of the individual acts of service.

    For more ideas on volunteer recognition, check out our Recognition topic page: