iParticipate.org and Hollywood’s Big Commercial About Volunteering

Actress Demi Moore attends the the "I Participate" launch with EIF.

VolunteerMatch is making sure your organization has an all-access pass to the biggest primetime ad for volunteering ever.

From October 19-25, more than 60 network TV shows plan to “spotlight the power and personal benefits of service” with storylines and characters talking about volunteering.

Shows with volunteering in the scripts will include Mercy, American Idol, Private Practice, Ugly Betty and The Good Wife (sorry: Mad Men fans).

The big promotion is being arranged by the Entertainment Industry Foundation as a way for the entertainment industry to support President Obama’s call to serve.

The new program focuses on issues related to wellness, community health, financial security, environmental conservation, and support for military families — the same areas targeted by the President’s United We Serve initiative.

Other elements that are key to the Entertainment Industry Foundation’s project include:

  • A new Web site to search for volunteer opportunities at IParticipate.org in the cause areas the foundation cares about.
  • A series of celebrity-driven public service announcements from celebs like Blythe Danner, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Matthew McConaughey, among others.
  • Grants to “key volunteers organizations to help build capacity to accept, train and deploy volunteers.”( Presumably this means real cash for grassroots nonprofits instead of free airtime… we’ll keep an eye on this one.)

VolunteerMatch Helps Your Organization Participate at IParticipate.org

Want to participate at IParticipate? Don’t change the channel, VolunteerMatch has you covered.

If your organization has a VolunteerMatch account and your listings fall into the categories covered at iParticipate.org, they’re already automatically published there. You don’t need to do anything else.

Don’t have an account yet? Now’s the time to apply and get posting. VolunteerMatch makes it easy to take part in initiatives like the Entertainment Industry Foundation campaign, as well as Serve.gov, United We Serve, All For Good, and hundreds of other promotions.

5 thoughts on “iParticipate.org and Hollywood’s Big Commercial About Volunteering

  1. Rides 4 Vets – provides veterans with transportation to and from their scheduled VA clinic and VA hospital appointments. Volunteer drivers are needed for Elk and Cameron counties in northwestern Pa. Help our veterans!

  2. opps, should have proofed what I wrote before the submit button was pushed accidently. It should have read “I am actually offended by some of the sites…”

  3. I’m actually offecded by some of the sited that this leads readers and the underlying slanted messages that are given about volunteering in organizations that promote agendas for liberal causes such as abortion.

  4. Communist propaganda! These celebtards are the last people to really “care”. I will boycott these shows. Hollywood needs to get the fact that real people don’t care what celebs think. I volunteer and I don’t need propaganda to try to coerce me to do it. Get a brain Obama zombies!

  5. I actually stumbled upon this campaign because I love the band The Album Leaf, and their song “The Light” was featured in one of the commercials, but now that I’ve seen the ad, I’m really happy to see the entertainment industry giving back. Living in LA, it’s easy to just get caught up in all the negative and scandalous stories of Hollywood types, so I’m happy to see something like this.