9/11 Day of Service Recap: Where Did The Traffic Come From?

The new 9/11 National Day of Service and Remembrance has been a big story this year, with dozens of Web partners getting involved to inspire audiences to give back on September 11. Over the next few weeks we’ll take a look at this new service day and share our findings from the VolunteerMatch network so our member nonprofits can plan effectively for next year.

Where Did They Come From?

In our first post, we’ll look at overall traffic to www.volunteermatch.org on September 11, 2009. The following were the top traffic sources by visits and percentage.


Traffic Source Visits % Total
google.com (search) 12280 47.91%
Direct Traffic 3378 13.18%
bing.com 1333 5.20%
yahoo.com 1331 5.19%
Google Ads 1154 4.50%
Allforgood.org (Serve.gov) 799 3.12%
Google Gadgets 507 1.98%
AOL.com 325 1.27%
911dayofservice.org 271 1.06%
iparticipate.org 214 0.83%
americantowns.com 180 0.70%
Other Search 163 0.64%
stumbleupon.com 127 0.50%
facebook.com 124 0.48%

A Few Key Findings

  • Web users are still using mainstream search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing to get involved on 9/11.
  • New partner sites such as 911dayofservice.org and iparticipate.org brought several hundred visitors to VolunteerMatch.
  • Allforgood.org (and by extension Serve.gov) have cracked our list of top traffic sources in less than a year.
  • Social sharing of volunteer opportunities on sites like Facebook remains at low levels, despite the buzz around “sharing” of volunteer opportunities.

Share Your 9/11 Story

Did your organization find and recruit new volunteers on 9/11? Let us know.